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 Today as the world looks into the eyes of insanity, this vision is

creating chaos for tomorrow  

Despite everything you read, despite everything you see, to some,

 all men are not created equal  


At present the world is full of boys who have become victims to 

what seems to be a never ending cycle  

This sad misfortune, which is by no fault of their own, but sadly is a reality that is  

These young men are placed on a road with no direction leading to a place with no sympathy where 

in the end there is no self respect, no respect for others and self destruction  


As the world continues its existence and the sun continues to rise and shine,  

 instead of a road to self destruction, the direction can change  

Change to a road of guidance to be the best of men  

A man who better understands that if it is within his will, he can change  

A man who now realizes to never allow your circumstances to make you a victim or 

to cause someone else to become a victim as a result of you  


Find your road that leads to hope, a hope that clears your mind and your heart  

A hope that erases that pain you feel as you leave your past behind  

A hope that makes you a better man

A hope that now allows you to see the possibilities for your future and

 how you can make a difference in the days that follow


A hope that when you look back and see another young man looking at a blank life map, 

you can show him that the hope now in your eyes can be in his eyes too


Words By

Edna Box


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