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In the beginning life can be a journey filled with vulnerabilities that leave us with the inability to see ourselves as the person we are destined to become 

Along the way for a select few you realize that life is a series of lessons to help you to start to recognize the true beauty of life and its offerings

 As a result you need a change, a new approach to life

Your choice, a life guided by passion


Passion in its glory is a deeply rooted emotion allowed to surface and be exposed for all to see. Now seen by others is your ability to stand naked and pure like the sun standing alone in a clear summer sky 

At this point in your life you have nothing to hide. You are constantly learning and loving the new you. In this moment life has a new meaning. To find words to describe this feeling is impossible. The joy is only explained in the constant smile worn to show the joy in ones heart as the energy radiating from ones spirit

A life guided by passion

 With the possession of passion from the depths of the heart and the soul with the zest to now live with the desire to love, you want to honor self 

As a result of your actions and your ability to connect to your needs as a human, you embrace the person you are now. Each day you look in the mirror the reflection now staring back, your true beauty. In addition, not only do you see but others also see the internal beauty now radiating from within you

A revelation that is now your reality


A life now guided by passion

Words By

Edna Box


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